Schedule cron jobs on servers, IoT devices, and any Linux, macOS, or Windows machine without headaches and single-points-of-failure.

jobs executed


Keep the code on your side; we'll tell you when to run it.

Cloud platform

Cronally is hosted on AWS and backed by a distributed datastore. Redundant workers safely publish to your SNS topic at the appropriate times, eliminating the vulnerability of single-host crond setups.


By publishing to an SNS topic , you have the flexiblity to execute the cron job as you see fit. Dispatch to an SQS queue, ping a URL, execute an AWS Lambda function; it's your call.


Cron format

Cronally supports most standard cron formats allowing you to use existing entries from your crontab.


Cronally requires the AWS credentials of a user with write access to the SNS topic of your choosing. Keys are stored using AES encryption and only decrypted as necessary.

Unified CLI

Completely manage your account from the comfort of your command line.

Oh yeah, your first cron job is free.

Create your first cron job with a frequency of an hour or more, for free, forever.

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